Today I became the vice president of the Japan Club at my school! It is certainly going will be a interesting role for me to take on. I really want to do the best that I can to make Japan Club a fun place that brings together students that are interested in Japanese language and culture. Since grade 9 when I changed my language course from French to Japanese I have been actively participating in the activities such as Japan Fair. The Japan club meetings are held every Wednesday at lunch.

The Japan fair is a long tradition of the Japanese classes held usually in November or December to celebrate Japanese culture. It provides the student body a chance to learn about Japanese cultural arts, products and shows. There are usually demonstrations such as taiko (traditional Japanese drum show) or traditional dances. There is also food imported from Japan on sale that students can purchase, and the proceeds cover the money spent on the fair itself. Originally our Japanese teacher runs the activity, but she is away this year therefore the responsibility has to be taken over by the Japan club. I look forward to planning the whole fair. It was supposed to happen in December but the club was not ready for the event (the commitee members had work to do) and had to push it back to Febuary 12th.

I am still unexperience about the position but I’m glad that the commitee members have some experience with the events. The annual Japanese singing contest (March 17th) is also going to be hosted by the Japan club this year. I am glad for this chance to learn how to plan activities like these. There will be a lot of work involved though.