…well how should I start?

Name: just call me 9 (read as 9 in Japanese)

Hobbies: reading all kinds of books, taking photos, drawing, listening to music, studying, playing various sports, collecting things, surfing the net, hanging with friends, thinking games (e.g. chess), observing, watching anime, making analogies/notes/jokes, gardening, club activities and now this blog :3

Occupation: IB student (sobsobsob), VP of Japan Club, Colts that care member, Homework Club Helper, Youth Leadership volunteer of the Social Responsibility and Arts and Culture team, Ultimate team member and dedicated active youth volunteer.

Birthday: take a guess

Religious views: freethinking secular humanist (the longer way of saying I don’t have any)

Ordinary resident of planet Earth.

Likes: …i guess anything is fine…even people that know me well don’t exactly know what I like…

lets put cats, books, and 可愛い物。

Dislikes:…i’m not someone that strongly dislikes things..but for the sake of putting things down… People who don’t know when to stop talking.

http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1467072908 my fb…add if u want??

*note that all the pictures that I provide are not actually me directly (if thats not obvious) I prefer taking pictures of the surroundings rather than of people.

************NEW check out the teaology section which I’m currently expanding instead of the homepage)