So, Japan Club’s second main event, the Japanese singing Contest happened on April 5th this year. Our club of executives (3 people, and various volunteers) organized the whole event with the help of various others such as the sound techs and lighting personnel. There was really a lot to do, but we pulled off the preliminaries smoothly besides the smaller than expected audience. There was a large amount of stuff to get done, with just a simple school singing contest. Due to the small number of people that we predicted would be joining and also watching, we also invited two other schools to our event to increase our viewers/contestants, and also to establish some tradition and build up a reputation for our school’s Japanese Singing Contest.

This year, due to the Richter 9 earthquake in Japan that struck the Sendai region we decided to make all the proceeds that the Japanese Singing Contest usually earns to be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. This was a significant thing us as a club to do. In addition to making all the ticket money go towards the earthquake fund, we also sold pocky during lunchtimes, and had an additional event going on, which involved folding paper cranes, or origami, which we would sell for donations.

This year we were lucky to have much more contestants willing to participate (25 people) although two dropped out before the preliminary round 23 was still a good number. The finals we designated to cut the finalists in half. Between the three of us exec members we spent many long hours during the weekends actually meeting and talking online about how the event was going to go. Of the duties that I did most of them were quite time consuming but I learned quite a lot. Its not everyday that you can personally organize a singing contest. We made surpassing the Mandarin Singing Contest our goal. Of course, in the end, with more man power and a longer standing tradition (12 years vs. 5years) we did not really match up, however, we surpassed the singing contest of last year, which is a small achievement.

Many of the tasks I had to handle were the following

-writing and planning how the actual event it going to run (scheduling, with further discussion from the other two execs) I also wrote the entire english script myself and attempted as much of the Japanese script as I could although pretty much 90% of it required the assistance of a really really nice Japanese TOC that took the time out of her personal life to help us. We presented her with a small gift and I made her a card to go along with it, we really needed her help since we’re limited with the Japanese we know. I was one of the MC’s for the event during the preliminaries.

There wasn’t as much of discussion as there was in actually doing the event itself, and preliminaries had less to worry about, including prizes, decorations, and contacting the people whom passed the preliminaries. There was a lot of work involved in organizing song information, finding some lyrics, and double check with contestants about their song, lyrics, and to make sure each of them had edited their songs to the designated 1:30min.

There were also many small administrative stuff such as getting ticket money sorted out, and promoting the event itself. I was taking care of the marketing aspect of it, by posting event pages on facebook, and making and posting up flyers and posters with the help of some friends. I myself, sold some tickets.

With the real event itself, it went through okay, although there were some technical difficulties, and the very evident lack of audience, which I really wanted to tackle, but had so little resources.