So, part two, the finals again, the previous week I attempted to get more people to come, but it didn’t work out very well. I guess the biggest issue is that people don’t really want to watch something that they don’t really understand, or know much about. The singing contest is still building tradition, but it pales in comparison to the one I remember attending when I was approximately in grade 9, and I think that was what really inspired me to do something like run Japan Club.

Well, the process for the finals went by slightly easier since, there is now only 11 contestants with an additional two special performances, but most of the work come in discussion and purchasing material. In the preliminaries we knew there was a lack of atmosphere due to lack of decor and also lack of audience members. There was the usual materials that we needed to purchase, such as decorations (balloons, banners, and trophies or some kind of award for the finalists. I even wrote a template for a sponsorship letter to be used most likely for next year, since it was not really used this year. Other than those, it was confirming needed material, such as music equipment. Everything went well during the finals except the lack of atmosphere.