First meeting of the year at City Centre! The last event my team did (City Centre Winter Celebration) happened to be our last event of 2009. Now its 2010 (can’t wait for olympics) and we have some problems.

The City Centre celebration in December last year created a $80 deficit for our group and we have to work to pay back the money we borrowed to run the event. The group as a whole were thinking of doing a hotdog selling event at save-on-foods to earn back the money. Every group member had to research ideas on ways to raise money and in addition, plan our second event as the social responsibility team.

There are other teams available too and I decided to join the Arts and Culture team as well. Arts and culture sounded very interesting and I want to plan events related to arts and culture too.

What the arts and culture team wanted to do was an Asian drama night. It would basically be  a event for teenagers to come and watch various dramas of asian culture, but as we discussed it, the idea would not work out. First, teenagers would not really get anything out of it. The event was not educational and would probably not get many people since it was possible for people to download drama from the internet to watch. The idea was scrapped and we were not very productive for the whole 2 hours.

The second idea was a cooking event that would teach people how to cook simple dishes from different countries. Everyone agreed on it and began planning the the preliminary steps for the event. We had to book a place to cook, figure out how to better market the event itself (so more people will come to the event unlike the last one).