Forgive the lack of pictures, but recently my camera had some technical issues, and I think I will have to get a new one sometime in the near future >.<|||.

Today the Social Responsibility Team, C-Change helped out with a family dinner. We’ve had a lot of experience with dinners, especially after the winter community one, that was held in December a few months back with more than 100 people. We simply were volunteers in this case, and helped out with entertaining and taking care of the youth present at the event with some games that we made ourselves. It was quite tiring especially when it was after dinner and the kids had “recharged” after eating and went at the games with 10x more vigor than they did previously. During the whole dinner, I would say the one thing that was most worth mentioning in terms of  learning was when a small accident happened with a little.

One of the small games that we had was a mini hockey shootout. Kids have a lot of energy and don’t always think about the dangers involved in games, so these two girls were shooting a puck into a hockey net. One of our volunteers, was the goalie, he was really busy and was not really paying attention, but it is was not fault either as accidents do happen. So, one girl decided to do a slapshot but was not paying attention to her sister (most likely) behind her and high-sticked her in the face. It knocked onto one of her teeth and caused her teeth to become slightly loose. Although, there was no responsibility on our side since it was unexpected, we carried out a proper procedure. Our volunteer coordinator was with us and handled the first-aid and accident report. We quickly informed the girl’s parents and sorted this issue out. Other than this small incident the rest of the night went smoothly. After reflection, even when accidents happen all the time, I do think that the volunteer probably should have had someone else helping him out and if there ever is another event like this, I would put at least two people on any activity at a time.