Community Dinner and Preteen Cooking Session

There was excellent Promotion with 16/18 preteens signed up for the event

Our team (C-Change) cooked a full meal completely for free to the community and on our team’s budget. There was a co-op with Greenfriends. The event was successful, in fact,  preteens were asking if it is possible for the future cooking programs to teach more and more variety in the activities.

Over 85 individuals signed up for the dinner and the team fed 110 people.

Purchases were well established as only salads were short and one of the team members (Nicky) recovered the shortage by making an extra trip.

Sponsorships for our event was from Terra Bread and Safeway. The Youth Council had approved $100.00 deficit earlier and C-Change was able to stay within the budget limit. (deficit $93.29)

The kitchen was chaotic and lacked in order during the preparation, but this was due to some lack of experience with cooking and how the recipe’s all were different from the ingredients bought e.g. fruit platter was one of the dishes, but we ended up purchasing only oranges so we had to combine it with the salad.

Food delivery to the people was a bit more inconsistent and Greenfriends had to step up and took on a lot of public complaints. Thanks to Greenfriend’s professionalism and dedication the event was held together.

The event had a good overall review by the public. Took care of and got preteens and younger to help us cook and prepare a meal. Had some setbacks: forgot to cook ham and miscounted the food.
The cooking Instructor complained that the room was a mess after we left. Youth Development had agreed to have future Cooking room orientation for volunteers so we can make sure the room is returned back to original state. Clean up by our team and Greenfriends was efficient enough however because we were required to clean up the entire kitchen before 9pm.