This year’s Japan Fair was a success in many ways. First, there were a variety of performances available and activities too mentioned in the previous post about Japan Fair. The executive team, meaning the president, secretary, and I discussed the activities for Japan club members first, and coordinated the ticket selling. Punch-a-bunch the pieing game was added the week before Japan Fair but that was quickly arranged with enough volunteers. There was an estimated 100+ people that came to watch or participate at the Fair. This number  was way better than I hoped because last school year’s attendance. The Grade 12’s admittedly had a lot of trouble with the play. It was just the level of commitment people put into the play itself. A lot of people did not show up after school to practice. But, on the day of, we all managed to memorize our lines and pull off the play without major hitch backs.

There was good marketing as the number of people that were present at the Fair double or triple last year’s. The Soran Bushi event was great everyone went and we were synchronized. This would be expected as the president and I put in a lot of effort and stayed after school at least twice a week for a whole month to practice and teach people the moves over and over. It was one of the highlights of the Fair and I’m quite proud of that.

This is not to say that Japan Fair as  successful as it was, is perfect. For one, we had problems with J-club members for certain booths actually e.g. Origami table
in the beginning of the event was undermanned, plus some booths did not know what they were doing. Next year, although I won’t be here I would make sure that there are at least two appointed leaders for each booth who have their research down, and have made sure each person knows what they’re doing
such as Punch-a-bunch, which worked out well because of the two people responsible.

For the main events: fashion demo (involved in), traditional Soran Bushi, Rock version of Soran Bushi (involved in), Gr. 12 play (involved in), martial arts demo cancelled due to lack of preparation, and taiko performance group. I was supervising whatever I could doing the Fair and running around getting materials and assisting people and preparing for the fashion demo, play myself.

Hopefully the president, which I will leave in charge can handle more of the responsibility next year. For me, I would admit its a difficult and stressful position, which is also why I opted for Vice president position instead of president even when the choice was offered to me.

All in all, I wish for Japan Fair next year to be as great as this one, if not better! It was nice seeing grad come back to watch the fair, I aim to be like them and come back to the event next year.