Bamfield was the most memorable field trip that I’ll ever have. Although the 3 days were  filled up with 90% of hard work  and determination, those times I spent will most likely be remembered much later down the road. I learned about the marine life and the classification of these marine creatures, our impact by just being present in the wilderness, and the many ethical implications that had to be considered while doing our experiment. My group, group 13 certainly bonded within the short 3 days even though we never really talked to each other in school. It was a rush to get through everything but at the end of the day during the skit period, from how much the whole grade could understand each other even within separate groups showed how valuable the experience was. I enjoyed that time and quiet in Bamfield, even though the girls dorm internet-less for 2/3 days. I have to admit that during my stay in Bamfield I got more rest (sleeping at , and 3 meals (on time) and was probably more healthy than I would be at home.

Right now, I really miss Bamfield and would really like to go back for a while. There were a lot of good memories.