Japan Fair planning has been piling up! Its November 3rd today and Japan Fair is on November 23rd! 20 more days to go until the big event. J-Club’s dance, Soran Boshi is running into some trouble. People are not regularly coming to practices except 5 people. I think it could be that people are busy during November but J-Club would be in trouble if the dance was not ready at the time of the event. The course of action that I’m probably going to take is to

The meetings every Wednesday now in order to be able to prepare all the events in time. Currently there is an assortment of Japanese cultural activities planned by the committee to run. Origami, (Japanese paper folding), Ikebana (Flower arranging), Calligraphy, caricatures drawn in traditional Japanese animation style, Taiko drumming, the grade 12 play arranged by the Japanese 12 class (which I also have a part in), martial arts demo, Tea ceremony, Shogi/Go, Kimono demo and Tanbata (wishing tree).

All of this are to be coordinated and the volunteers have to prepared to run the booth in shifts on that day. There’s also posters to finish painting and putting up and flyers to distribute the week after. So much to do, so little time! Hopefully by next week the marketing component will be finished. Soran Bushi practices are still twice a week every week until 5:00 usually. One event that I’m personally running is the short Fashion demo, where I get 5-6 models to dress up in a Japanese character or traditional clothing, and the audience gets to learn about some fun facts about the character or clothing itself. I already got a MC ready and now I’m looking for models that are willing to be a part of the short show. 🙂