I find that the evidence that a person is growing up is when you look back at all the things that you have done in the past and analyse them in the context you are in now. A lot of the essays or projects that I did in the past year are incomprehensible to me. Just the other day I looked over at my TOK essay and it had really weak knowledge issues. I attempted to try to remember what the heck I was trying to do or say but to no avail. My mark on the essay was a strong B but I think that if I were to reassess it just by my own standards I would have done much poorer. I have no idea what I was doing in first year IB, but it was probably something akin to groping around in a dark room that you’ve never set foot in before. Sometimes you can’t really find the light switch and its just darn annoying. Looking back at my work(s) I think what really happened was that I needed time to understand the concepts and time did that for me. This is one of my beliefs as well. Time is the best medicine because no matter what illness, it sees through it all. Of course I can’t say that I didn’t work to the best of my ability. I accredit this to the magical phenomenon that happens between 1st and 2nd year.