kiiiitaaaa~! 100 views

Thank you for 100 clicks...?

Well…I guess a thanks is in order :3 for the “interesting stats” has reached 3 digits (100) finally. The initial intent of this blog was as a physical account of my reflections on certain events in daily life. Who would have known that people from somewhere around the world if by chance or some bizarre reason have stumbled upon this blog! Hmmm then again there’s always something interesting happening around if you take the time to notice. I still have a bunch of drafts that have been left in the folder so you (yeah you reading this right now) can look forward to more updates :).

Unbelievably, there’s a ton of work to do even in the summer, when the average person would have taken a vacation or gone off playing something or other. The picture above (found it in a cute blog I was surfin’ through) probably is a representation of me (me being the dog on the bottom) mainly because of the piles of work. Oh my gosh I just realized I’m getting off track here…THANK YOU whoever is actually reading this blog because I appreciate that. It gives me more meaning to continue writing :-).