when you step inside the court winning or losing is everything.
No matter what the circumstances once I step inside that court,
I give my all to show respect to whomever my opponnent may be.
That is m Principle.
Its not just in sports either.
As long as one is standing on the playing court that is life, one should always give one’s all.
Many people alwyas want equality and peace but, to be honest, thats just loser talk.
Humans have always been at odds against each other throughout history. When language and culture was born, and we’ve become to share our joys and sorrows.
But when all humans become perfeclty equal to one another and individuality is cast aside,
Do you think we’ll be able to truly feel what is happiness?
The syaing, “equality fo all,” is as worthless as a pebble in a riverbed.
If nobody wanted to compete with others, then they should just go live on a deserted island.
Yes! To me victory and defeat is all proof that I’m living! The product of my cells and soul moving as one!
This is why I go out there with all of my power! To taste the greatest victory or defeat!
You ignorant advocate of peace and equality…are you going to spend your entire life without realizing what it truly means to live…?