This was our 3rd and most likely last event for the year since its May and with summer fast approaching, finals follow along with it. As one of the members of the Social Responsibility youth team (C-Change) at City Centre Community Association, this “Sassy Spa Party” was socially responsible since we allowed parents to have the afternoon for themselves taking of [some] stress off. We catered the kids from 4pm-8pm, a total of 4 hours. There were around 16 kids in total and it was quite a challenge to entertain them. Our youth team with a total of around 14 volunteers including myself got together and pulled off the event. There was a group in charge of food (I was part of it along with 3 other people) for the kids. Then there was a duo in charge of games/activities such as Wii, arts and crafts, and yoga. The 3rd team, provided the actual “spa” part of the event. my job was to serve food and make food. Other volunteers did manicures, makeup, facial, yoga activities, played Wii fit, did icebreaker games, made hairclips/crafts, got their hair done. The little girls enjoyed these events since it was new to them. They were young and most of them had no idea what a spa actually was. By the time the event was over and parents came to pick up their kids, they were really happy. A lot of kids and parents alike had positive comments about our event, some asked if the event would happen again in the future. Personally I think it was a success even though only $50 or so was raised and C-Change is still in deficit since we spent $80 for the kids. It was pretty worth it, however tiring we all ended up in the end.

Its really letting the kids have fun that counts the most in this event. I learned/appreciate how much trouble elementary school teachers must have to go through. The girls were really hyper and were quite a handful to keep entertained. One thing that could have been improved for the event was the organization of the food. At first we planned to have simple food like macaroni and cheese since it was cheap too, but on the day of, we changed the food to pita bread with mushrooms, ham/chicken, green peppers, with cheese and cranberry juice (a healthy combination  :D). The food cost the most and when we asked some of the kids, they actually preferred  mac and cheese. Since we had an online registration put up on the CCCA website, we could have utilized it to maybe create a menu so the kids could pick the food they want and we would be able to budget the cost beforehand.

On the morning of the event I was actually at F.L.Y (financial literacy for Youth), learning about budgeting and causes o the economic crisis in the U.S., and credit cards. I found the program helpful but I found that one of the 2 workshops I went to covered material that I already knew about so that one workshop was kinda boring (but thats just me probably). It would be effective for most people I guess.