May, 5 2010 the U-ROC awards were held at Gateway Theater. Many youth volunteers came to receive they glass trophies. It was a pretty entertaining night, serving to appreciate all the work that volunteers have done throughout the year. There were people that were busy and didn’t come to get their awards though, since it was still Thursday.

The mayor Malcolm Brody came as well in the beginning of the event to give a speech to the people who came.  The event started at 6:15 and ended at 9:00 ish. There were 3 student performances by some dance groups and singers. That pretty much kept the crowd entertained. I had received 3 awards that night for my past year and a half ?? of volunteering. It felt good that at least the effort of youth were being recognized in some way. There are many people who I know that probably deserve as much. The next time I receive my award, I’m leaving right away though, since I still had some work to do for the day after. Most of my friends had decided to stay at home and not receive the award, which may also have been a smart decision. I was pretty tired after I came back from the event at 9:00 therefore I didn’t write much homework, but I knew I should have. Next year if I ever get the same award, I’m bolting out the door right after I receive it.