Mandarin Singing Contest!
It was pretty good. Comparing it to the Japanese Singing Contest that I organized with the president…I kinda feel bad that the quality was not quite at par. I guess this just means that there’s much more to do before next year.

Now Japan club has not much to do, but I’m thinking of starting a new event to promote Japan Club. A majority of our members have not been coming to the regular weekly members at all, and I can’t really blame them. Looking back at the meetings, there really hasn’t been anything interesting.

Right now the plans are underway, but I have a bunch of creative ideas that have not been done before. Such as Cosplay cafe, tetris competition, and the like. The only problem is the execution of it.

On another note, I’ve been attending City Centre Youth meetings every week for 2hrs as well. The arts and culture team is trying to plan a cook-off to promote cultures through food, and the social responsibility is going host a spa party for young girls next next week on May 15th. Basically the spa party is socially responsible because it relieves parents for a day to go do what they want while we help the young girls have a fun night.

We’re aiming to fundraise for the youth team by providing a fun and interactive environment where preteen girls get to have fun.  This will be an interactive event that allows the pre-teen girls as well as the female volunteers to connect.

Now for a random unrelated poll: