Homework Club concluded the Winter 2010 season pretty successfully.  I was expecting the program will end with 4~6 students each, but instead, Cook School has now 13 students registered for the program and General Currie concluded last year with 12 students. We had challenging students in the beginning that now functions just like another kid who enjoys your company.

I would say that homework club for the elementary school students helps them build some of the 40 developmental assets and become successful in the future. All students that want to improve their academics can come. Its much cheaper than home tutoring but, its mostly one on one. Homework club is also very informative since it the coordinator writes down reports about each kid so we can improve on their studies next time. Parents also receive emails about their child’s progress. The kids themselves, get to build organizational, time management and focus skills through a encouraging and safe environment. To parents it is also accessible since it is right after school in the same school the kids go to. The kids even get healthy snacks and some playing time on the playground after they’ve done their homework.

I must say, that there are lots to learn from this program as a volunteer. Some of the 40 developmental assets can be found for teens as well. I’ve been around and helped many kids and they each have a different strengths and weaknesses that I have had to adjust to.

There are kids with no problem doing their homework but occasionally need some assistance and there are kids that have difficulty with certain subjects or are in ESL level 1 or 2.

One kid, is impulsive and does some unexpected things some times. The last session I went to he aggravated a volunteer and got him very angry but with a just reason.  It was in the gym and there were 2 kids playing dodge ball and 4 volunteers to accompany them including me. The young boy got too engrossed into playing dodge ball and started pelting the ball at two of the volunteers that were sitting down, and would not desist even when asked. The male volunteer got very annoyed, then angry and gave the kid a little push. Our coordinator came into the gym from the homework club room and intercepted. Me and another volunteer just watched. This was probably a bad decision, because either him or me should have stopped the male volunteer when he started getting really agitated. This is something new that I’ve learned. Next time I should support other people when they’ve lost control. Although all of us are individual volunteers that tutor kids individually, we still work as a team.