Ultimate games have officially begun. I’ll have to admit that I haven’t been practicing as often because of the usual, curricular activities. But now that season has begun I’m going to the practices. Our uniforms look pretty good compared to the ones that the badminton team got in grade 8 & 9. The material is 100% polyester even… Too bad my number couldn’t be a little lower…most of the good numbers were taken anyways. Our team consisting of multiple grades, is getting along okay. I think we still need some work in coordination since on the playing field we either are too far from each other to get a pass, or are not calling the right checks. Basic skills, or course, still needs work as well.

I hope by the end of the season, we’ll have improved a lot, and be able to qualify into the semi finals. This year we’re just getting defeated by every single team out there. Even though I’m the oldest player on the team, I wouldn’t look down on the younger players either. Everyone has their respective strengths.

Besides making my fat shrink, ultimate have improved my coordination to some degree. I’ve heard that exercise also keeps your brain healthy and reduces (some) stress. I don’t know how much those claims are true but I do know that it always feels more refreshing after a long 2 hour practice.

The only times our team gets points (ultimate games are up to 13 points) is when we actually communicate with each other. Communication is very important in this instance. If we lose to other teams, its not because our skills are any worse, but because of how we functioned as a team. This is what I observe. Our coach stated the same thing.