Yesterday, the Japanese Singing Contest aired. Admittedly me the president and the members of the Japan Club did not do a great job compared to the first one. This year (the 3rd annual contest) it was probably the worst it could be. There’s many things to improve on as listed below. Next time, if there is a next time I must dedicate more of my time with running the event. This time, I could not focus on it because of the many other deadlines I had to meet with school work and volunteering. I feel kind of bad for the president since this is his first major event and it turned out pretty bad. Both of us are going to use spring break to discuss this over to ensure that our next event can be a little bit better.

Communication was the biggest and probably the most fatal error There were a lot of stuff finished haphazardly in the last minute and there was a lot of running around, waiting for judges, contestants and audience members to arrive. It did not look very good.

Branching off from communication we have :

-marketing/more schools not just macneil and RHS…in addition not many RHS students knew about the event itself

preparation/setting up everything one day before hand

-talk to more Japanese teachers from other schools to get other schools involved

tickets, getting the contestants from other schools means more tickets being sold

-# of contestants (why did we cut from 20ish to 8? It made the event way too short and certain groups were not audition quality)

-clarity with songs, dates, times

-plan everything 1 month before hand…not little by little as time progresses

-audition quality (not very good actually)

-run through of the whole event at least 2 days before the actual contest

delegate tasks throughout the club so we don’t have to work our asses off *(although we should still both take full responsibility)

better prizes…2&3 should not have been the same…maybe get a trophy/plaque or something…audience prizes were soso…the giant domo took too much money off the treasury, and also…is not a sufficient prize because it cannot be shared between two people) MONEy might have been better….

send in music early, lyrics…or find them ourselves earlier…if they can’t audition on the day, or the alternate day, get them to send in a recording of their own voice)

-teachers should be notified 2 weeks before instead of 1 (admittedly this was my fault)

a DETAILED PLAN..not just the simple schedule you had, that did not even include stuff like order, ppl at the ticket booth, materials, etc..)

make announcements regularly (perhaps biweekly)

no more student judges

-sign up sheet…should have made it clear that lyrics were not to be brought up on stage…also, contestants should have cut the page in half so they could keep the bottom with all the info..instead we took the whole sheet and they didn’t really know…

-I’ll get jap MC that can take my place in case I can’t show up

This was from an contestant :

-not enough time to decide the winner

-present the prizes better (not in a cardboard box, and not so…great)

-do something interesting with the audience while judges decide the results

this was from a winner:

-not enough publicity

-change/insecurity with date

-more festive and decorative would be good

-lack of organization

audience member:

-low audience attendence

-awkward pauses throughout the whole show

-too short, not worth the money

-there was no point in the intermission

Now a little aside for any people that participated and are reading this blog right now:

TO JAPANESE SINGING CONTEST CONTESTANTS, a BIG thank you to all of the contestants who participated in the auditions last week on Thursday and today. Everyone was really great and it was definitely very difficult to select the final performers. There were many very talented performers that made the judges applaud, laugh, and cry (out of happiness of course…), in the end, the 8 finalists were chosen. The RHS Japan Club would like to formally express thanks to everybody’s efforts, and see you next week Mar.16th Tuesday to see the 8 finalists that will be performing.

Hopefully, (and most sincerely) we would like to see all of you next year