Well, continuing from the previous post which was quite a while back. Badminton season is officially over now that the provincials are done. I would say that even though the team got some bad luck with the draw for the match and ended up 9th place it was still a fun 3 days. Victoria was definitely a highlight of 2010 that I won’t forget. It was fun and hopefully, I will be able to go next year.

I’m not sure about others, but I will truthfully state that I’ve never been in a hotel before (that I can remember at least). Especially not sharing it with my friends. Thankfully no one snored. It was pretty bad that we stayed up past midnight even though we had to get up early the next day. It was really funny how lots of people kept coming and going throughout the rooms. It was hardly peaceful.

The next day when everyone had to wake up to go to the opening ceremonies for the badminton provincials, we ended up getting there late. In fact, because there were a lot of people on the team, we ended up late for almost every morning.

The first day we had to play against Claremont and Fraser heights, Vancouver Island’s #2 place and Fraser valley #2. They were both tough opponents. In the end, we lost to Claremont but beat Fraser heights, both by a slim margin of 5-6, 6-5. Unfortunately the way that the tournament is arranged, the team that we lost to gets placed in front. If that team that we lost to loses they get pushed back a place, and we get pushed back a place as well. It was bad luck that the team we lost to, had two female players who had to leave, meaning that the team would have insufficient players putting them at a disadvantage. Claremont lost quite a lot, meaning our placement gets pushed back. In the end, we ended up 9th place which was a huge disappointment. The rest of the games we won with ease. The team lost probably because we still have a long way to go with our training, since our performance is not consistent enough.

On the third day, all the teams participating in the tournament went to the provincial banquet. The food was made by chefs of the host school Spectrum. The food was delicious, I won a T-shirt from a prize draw as well. A friend of mine that I admire got a badminton racquet for being the MVP. In my opinion he totally deserved it. He’s the type of person that studies hard and tries his best at everything. The worst thing about the banquet was that Richmond High was called up to get food, last. There wasn’t a lot of food left for us, and other teams could get seconds before us. At least we got to take some group pictures.

Regardless of the tournament proceedings, Victoria was awesome. There were many opportunities for a team bonding time. On the last day we had a chance to look through the BC museum in Victoria. Then at night we went to get takeout at this place called Noodlebox. It was the first place that I went to that ever served noodles from boxes. The noodles were pretty delicious too. The whole team took the boxes to the wharf underneath the parliament place. The view was amazing. The nighttime lights that lit up were great. I took quite a few pictures throughout the trip. Next time I must remember to bring a video camera too. We must have spend at least 2 hours in the dark playing group games. It was a memorable 2 hours though.

It felt sad that we had to leave on the 4th day. It rained too, as if the sky could feel the same feelings. Everyone has their respective obligations to get back to. The ferry ride back felt a lot shorter than when we first arrived at Victoria. Nevertheless we discussed the prospects for next year. Which would be our final year on the team.

sunset seen from the ferry

Walking on the streets of Victoria around 6ishThe back of the ferriesfinally at the hotel Marriott at night Victorian buildingParliament building daytimeat night

Spectrum the host school

Spectrum the host school

Here’s our school sign at the Banquet .

Ferry to depart