Its gonna be a longg night especially with 3 other people shariing the same room. Thank god we all know each other well. Currently everyone is working on a bio design lab and we’re all going to be sleeping late. I hate how when you pack things, no matter how long you spent packing you still forget certain minor things. Nail clippers may be minor but when there’s a crack in your nail it becomes such an essential object. Tomorrow the provincials officially start, yet most of us are not sleeping early just because of the homework we have to hand in. This is the first time I’m actually sleeping with my friends and its not as I imagined. Instead of watching movies or playing games we’re all too busy to talk too much to each other. I hope that for the next 5 days and 3 nights we get to have a little bit of fun before everyone departs from Victoria.

Our hotel room is actually quite comfortable besides the fact that the beds are too small. Besides that fact, the power went off a total of 3 times in our room because we all had laptops, cellphones, water boiler, and a hair dryer on. Eventually we solved the problem and found that the water boiler was sucking up an enormous amount of energy and causing the circuits to short circuit.