by Coffee-kizoku

Can’t wait for March 4th to come, but I’m also kind of dreading the amount of homework I’m going to miss because of this small excursion. I wish there was some way to be able to do everything that you wanted to do. That or have 36 hours in a day and get more sleep. Lately sleep has been okay compared to first term but because I slept a little more my grades dropped a little. Doubtless my parents will be disappointed no matter how much I explain myself. In a sense I guess university is like that too. They won’t look at specifics, only the results.

I should allocate my time properly and pack accordingly. I hope Richmond High can go to Victoria and place within the top 3. Everyone has been practicing really hard (with the exception of non starters including me for appropriate reasons) and it would be a terrible shame to not come back to school holding a trophy bigger than our heads. This small field trip? I guess… will be a rare experience for many of us. It takes more than skills and the right strategy to win a championship. Anyone can win a game if they put in enough effort. The Richmond High badminton team has been very consistent with our performance. Given that the Olympics happen to be so close, athletes everywhere should be inspired by our own Canadian athletes.