Feb. 12th is the Olympic opening ceremony therefore the date of the Japan Fair had to be moved to April 1st meaning, Japanese Singing Contest will be before the Fair. Alongside the president I have taken on many tasks such as marketing and recruiting volunteers to help out the event. I have already made some posters and am in charge of notifying the grade 11’s about any updates that are going on. In fact, this week I have to talk to my peers about when and what we are going to do for the fair. I hope I won’t look nervous since public speaking has never been my forte. I got some of my media and communications friends to put up slides about the event though.

For the Singing contest in March I am responsible for registering contestants and communications for the event. I made a Facebook group just to advertise it http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=282125978015. There’s lots of things to do this week with all the tests and school work to get done. I have to worry about the details of the events such as getting the prizes for the contestants, selling tickets, organizing how the contest is going to go, etc…The paper work for the singing contest is immense too. It’s required for contestants to send in songs for the contest, but I have to go online and type up all the lyrics to the songs in Japanese for the judges to look at. Speaking of judges I also have to ask teachers to judge the auditions and the performance itself. March happens is a bad timing too since a lot of the teachers have other commitments.

This year the Japanese singing contest will be open to other schools and it was a decision made from everyone on the committee since there is a problem of not enough people from RHS actually wanting to sing. In particular, Macneil has shown interest in participating which is very encouraging.

Sooner or later I will also start leading the Japan Club meetings (or I hope I can). Its kind of exciting and scary talking in front of other people (especially if they are older than you or are your peers).